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Ribeye On the Menu

Tasked with going to the grocery store without a plan, I tend to resort to simple meals. Here’s an old favorite–a ribeye steak, brussel sprouts, and wild rice with lentils. The wild rice and lentils were a childhood favorite side … Continue reading

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Chicken & Couscous

One of my favorite dishes is built on a base of chicken broth-soaked couscous.  By itself, it’s got more flavor than water-soaked grains (and so worth doing for its own sake), but I’ve also found that what really makes it … Continue reading

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Lazy Sunday

I like few things more than a lazy Sunday morning, lounging on the couch with the windows wide open, reading the paper, cup of coffee in hand, scuffling through the Times’ crossword (we’ve managed to solve the thing the last … Continue reading

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Beer Friday Appetizer: Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs occupy an interesting spot in the appetizer menu.  On the one hand, they’re full of mayo and goo, a hint of squiggle as the hard-boiled eggs wobble around.  On the other hand, they’re f***ing delicious. I asked my … Continue reading

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Grilled Salmon Salad

One word: NOM. Among the things I like about this project is that it’s getting me to try new things in my cooking.  I can make about 10 items blindfolded.  Making anything “new” is usually just a matter of mixing … Continue reading

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Beer Friday Appetizer: Hummus

Um…sorry.  I totally forgot to take a picture of the hummus after I made it and then it disappeared 45 minutes after I showed up at Beer Friday.  My bad.  I’ll make it again, I promise. I love hummus, though … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend BBQ

Good ribs are amazing.  Saucy, fall-off-the bone meat, messy goodness.  Nom. My friends graciously hosted a weekend barbeque where I cooked up a batch of ribs.  I’ve been working on them for a long time and I’m happy to share … Continue reading

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Beer Friday Appetizer: Stuffed Mushrooms

The best stuffed mushrooms I’ve had came from Falling Rock Tap House. They’re not usually the kind of thing I order off a new menu; too easily badly done. Done well, though, they’re delicious. Couldn’t tell you now what prompted me … Continue reading

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Steak Kabobs

I don’t recall eating kabobs much as a kid, but I’m sure I would have loved the idea of ramming a stick through my food. I’m guessing that my sister and I would have balked at the vegetables–I didn’t like … Continue reading

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Asian-y Chicken

I often don’t think about what to make for dinner until it’s well into the afternoon and then I need to scramble to get it done. Usually, I realize too late that dinnertime is fast approaching and have to hustle … Continue reading

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