Lazy Sunday

I like few things more than a lazy Sunday morning, lounging on the couch with the windows wide open, reading the paper, cup of coffee in hand, scuffling through the Times’ crossword (we’ve managed to solve the thing the last couple weeks!).

One of those few things would be bagels and lox…so it seems only natural to combine two of my most favorite-ist things together.

Visiting my grandparents in New York City, I looked forward to meals of lox and bagels.  Never one to scrimp on smoked salmon, I was grateful for my grandfather’s willingness to spoil his first grandchild.  Occasionally, I’d accompany him to Zabar’s, where he’d order the salmon from the counter where he worked as a kid in the early 1930s.  Now, I make do with pre-packaged “New York Style” lox and appreciate even more his willingness to splurge on the vast quantities of thin sliced salmon I could consume.

My tastes have changed a little over the years; now I like my bagels & lox with a slice of tomato & onion, capers, and cream cheese.

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